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26 Jun
What Exactly Is Eco-Friendly Paint?

Buying things has grown pretty complicated in the last few years, hasn’t it? Nowadays we’ve been made ultra-aware that not all products are made equally, especially when it comes to their environmental impact. Previously, Prestige Painting gave a basic run-down of what’s in regular house paint, and we mentioned that there are toxic compounds found

24 Apr
What to Do with Extra Paint

Here’s a question we get fairly often that you might not know the answer to: How do you dispose of extra paint? Now, there are three types of people when it comes to this question, those who know the answer, those who don’t and want to know, and those who didn’t realize there was a

04 Mar
Do I Have Lead-How to Test for Lead in Your Paint

When the word “paint” and anything like “danger,” “death” or “harmful” are put together, there’s one thing that comes to just about everyone’s mind: lead. Horror stories abound about the problems that can come from old paint that’s full of the health-harming substance, and it’s something that a lot of homeowners worry about. Lucky for

13 Feb
Spray Safe, Everyone!

So we at Prestige Painting have a little rule when it comes to painting: making something look great should never come at the expense of your health. Sounds simple and logical, right? We think so too, but the truth is that some painting processes are pretty darn dangerous, and not everyone knows how to protect

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