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26 Jun
What Exactly Is Eco-Friendly Paint?

Buying things has grown pretty complicated in the last few years, hasn’t it? Nowadays we’ve been made ultra-aware that not all products are made equally, especially when it comes to their environmental impact. Previously, Prestige Painting gave a basic run-down of what’s in regular house paint, and we mentioned that there are toxic compounds found

18 Mar
Pretty, Pretty Pastels (They’re In!)

Here, try something out real quick: point your browser to Pinterest, and type “spring colors” into the search bar. What do you see? More than likely, what you’re looking at is a few shots of flowers, some earthy tones on fancy models, and a whole, whole lot of gorgeous pastel. That, dear friends, is because

18 Feb
Hot Hues, Spring Edition!

It’s February, 2013 is only about one month old, and that means that the trendy colors for the spring are about to start showing up just about everywhere. If you’re in the process of picking a color to paint in your house, trying to find a new theme for a room’s décor or even just

19 Dec
Inspirational Color Ideas for Your Home

Repainting your home is a thrilling project. The world is your oyster. You have a complete palette of color choices at your fingertips that you can use to transform the look and feel of your humble home. So where should you begin? Having limitless choices in paint colors can pose an issue in itself. It

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