What to Ask – Dynamite Questions for Buying a Home Part 2 – Personal Questions

Once you’ve asked about financial issues, which we covered in part 1 (“What to Ask: Dynamite Questions for Buying a Home: Part 1 Financial Questions“), now it’s time to turn focus to the more personal questions that will reveal if a home is a good fit for your family and lifestyle.

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Seller Questions
1. Why are you moving? This is another question that seems rude, and indeed you might find some people unwilling to tell you. But again, when making this big of a decision, you should know as much as possible. This can give you an idea about the time it’ll take to close (a divorce sale might take a while, while people in need of money might sell quicker). You can also get a good idea of whether the seller is willing and able to help with the financing and what’s wrong with the house, if anything.
Neighborhood Questions
1. Are there any issues with the neighbors? They might be reluctant to answer, but you can usually gauge the truth by their reaction to this question. The last thing you want to do is move into a place where one of the major reasons the last owner left was due to bad neighbors. You also definitely want to know about the nearby businesses and their traffic.

2. Have there been any crime issues? This is something you can look up, but again, the reaction will tell you quite a lot.

3. What are the schools like in the surrounding area? Schools might not be an issue for people without kids, but for others, or those who want kids, it’s a biggie. The Internet can tell you the basics, and maybe a little more, but hearing it first-hand is invaluable.

Property Questions
1. When was the roof put in? Not all roof-types have the same lifespan, and replacing one is very, very costly.

2. What type of foundation does it have, and what condition is it in (have they had any issues with it)? Another thing you just probably don’t want to have to mess with, so always know as much about it as possible.

3. Is the property in a flood plain or other environmentally risky area? These areas will mean more expensive insurance and possible damage or even evacuation.

4. Where are the exact property boundaries? Don’t assume you know the answer: this is going to be your land, you want to know exactly what you’re buying.

5. When were the appliances purchased, updated or last repaired? More than likely, these are staying, so you’ll want to have a firm grasp on their condition.

6. When was the home built? For one thing, Prestige Painting always recommends this question because homes built prior to the 1970s can have lead paint. This can mean further issues with the property for older homes.

The Two Most Important Questions
1. What problems have you had with this house? You’ll probably get some awkwardness, but if they won’t tell you, they might not be worth buying from. Don’t let anything slip past you- a good seller will know that you understand no house is perfect, and they’ll give you the skinny on what you can expect if you buy.

2. What do you like and dislike most about the house? Hopefully, they love the place and are moving for reasons other than distaste for it, but even then, there’s probably something that bothers them.
Ask away when you’re house hunting. You’re the one that’s going to live there, and any momentary awkwardness by asking a pointed question will soon be forgotten if you love the place. Blindsiding surprises once you’re in the home, however, will have to be dealt with for the long term.
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