How to Set Realistic Goals for a Home Remodel

05 Nov
How to Set Realistic Goals for a Home Remodel

If you’re new to the home remodeling game, then you’re in for a treat. But while you may have grand illusions of flipping your home within a set amount of time to transform your personal space, the reality may be far from your expectations. When planning a home remodel, it’s important to investigate your renovation

31 Oct
Moving Out from a Rental Property: What to Remember

As any seasoned renters can verify, it’s important to leave a rental property, like an apartment or townhouse, in excellent condition if you want any chance of getting your security deposit back. In today’s volatile housing market, security deposits are a serious chunk of change that can equal to the first month’s rent, depending on

29 Oct
How Often Should You Invest in Home Maintenance?

While it’s a given that you’re going to put money into your home year after year as a homeowner, it helps to have a basic understanding of how much you can expect to spend on annual home maintenance. This will give you the opportunity to better budget home upkeep costs to make it more affordable

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