Beyond Pink and Blue, Pt. 2: Modern Takes on the Girl’s Nursery

It’s time for the second part of our four part series on modern nurseries that buck the trend, and for you folks with a little lady on the way, it’s the one you won’t want to miss. Yep, today we’re talkin’ nurseries for girls, and wow have things changed in the last decade when it comes to getting the right look for your kid’s room.

Even more so than for boys, more and more parents are looking to shake things up when it comes to designing the perfect nest for their baby girls. While there are still plenty going the pure pink route, that’s just not the look for everyone, and there are now many options en vogue if you want to go another way with your own nursery. Today we’ve got some suggestions we think will have even the most die-hard traditionalists considering a new look today, starting with colors beyond pink.

Pssh on Pink

Okay, if pink’s your favorite color and you think you can rock it in your house, by all means go for the traditional girl’s nursery look and pink the place up! But, if you’d rather avoid the cliche and try out something new, here are a few suggestions.


If you want all the pizazz with none of the expected, toned down silvers and golds make excellent base colors for a girl’s room. Combine them with white or black for an even classier look for your future fashionista. Light greens, such as mints or sea greens, are also lovely when done well in a girl’s room, and gender neutral tones such as greys, beige’s and off-whites have become popular with those looking to avoid stereotypical choices. We’ve even seen all-white nurseries for girls that we just love, though you might have to do a bit of extra cleaning here and there. Our favorite trend has to be pastels, however, which look gorgeous in all shades and can even be used in conjunction with each other for a light, lovely room.

Like we mentioned with boys’ nurseries, you absolutely can incorporate some traditional color into your nursery by tempering it with white. Use pink, red or purple (try a rose or something a bit less bright for a nice, modern touch) as an accent color against a mostly white or off-white room, and you’ll knock it out of the park. You can even flip traditions on their head by choosing a light blue, such as sky blue or robin’s egg, for a girl’s room!

Not Just for Princesses

Some girls love the idea of being a princess, but like pink, it’s not for every little lady. You can still pick a feminine theme without jumping on the bandwagon, however, and some of our favorite nurseries have done just that.


One such home that we visited recently went with a 60’s mod theme, incorporating mod furniture, wall art and patterns to a spectacular effect. Another excellent idea that’ll have your baby dozing amongst the stars is to create a classic Hollywood effect with large photos of leading ladies throughout history sitting next to vintage cameras and the room all done up in blacks and whites. A few more non-traditional themes include future world traveler (vintage airline memorabilia, posters of famous destinations, etc.), a rustic-meets-modern look (lots of wood elements, but done in modern designs) or a music-lover/future rock star design with concert posters, music notes and a tiny instrument or two.

If those don’t quite hit the feminine vibe you’re looking for, try taking something traditionally “girly” and giving it a modern update. The Rococo vibe is huge in the fashion world right now, and its pastels and creams with ultra-embellished furniture pairs gorgeously when done in a minimal fashion in a white room. Speaking of fashion, a high-fashion look (more fancy Paris fashion week, less “Project Runway”) with vintage magazines and classy blacks can be a fun, feminine idea.

Putting it All Together

As with the boys’ nurseries we talked about in our last post, the true key to a perfect modern nursery that bucks the trends is to focus on one idea and execute it delicately. Avoid over cluttering your room, as you want the baby to be the real focus, and too many pieces will start to feel busy and overdone.

Don’t be afraid to make the room a very nice one, as opposed to playful and childlike, as you and your friends are the ones that will really get the most out of it. Right now, you just want a safe, non-threatening place for your kid, but the rest can be whatever you want it to be!

For the best decorations, don’t just go to any old baby store and pick out the silly, goofy stuff they usually have. Treat this like any other nice room- go antiquing, look at interior design boutiques and, most especially, get all over the Internet and find those spectacular little shops that cater specifically to folks like you who are looking to create a nursery that won’t soon be forgotten.

Whatever the look you end up going for, whether pink princess or glamorous rock star, all you really need is to remember to keep it simple and focus on a few key elements, and your little girl’s bedroom might just end up being the best looking spot in the whole house. Good luck, moms and dads!

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